Vote Future West

It’s local elections year this year and Future West candidates Sandra Coney, Saffron Toms, Neil Henderson and Greg Presland are again seeking your support. This year we are joined by Mark Allen who has extensive experience in the west and Council and would bring a new energy to experienced team and by Mark Roberts who has extensive commercial experience in different businesses and is a chartered accountant as well as a commercial pilot.

We have had the privilege of having significant representation on the board for the past three terms. During this time we have supported our town centres and worked hard to protect and enhance our natural environment, to strengthen our local communities and to make sure that your local concerns and voices are heard at the regional level.

We have had a strong focus on environmental protection and particularly for our magnificent Kauri. We are the only local board to commission a marine audit, the Big Blue Report to get Council to take more action to clean up our local beaches and waterways. We have worked closely with local communities and organisations across the Ranges area to deal with concerns including the scourge of weeds and pests. We have also persuaded Council to secure land in the Glen Eden town centre that will in due course become a civic square for the area.

We have strengthened local communities through more activities and events across the diversity of people that call the west their home. We know the importance of strong safe neighbourhoods and centres and we have worked to enable improvements in our parks, facilities and streets. One of the strengths of the Waitakere Ranges area is the wisdom and passion that local people bring to issues and we are experienced in working with that knowledge and passion to advocate for and bring about change.

We again seek the privilege of your support. Vote Future West this election.

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